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Going through a divorce was hard at times, my weaknesses and fears were exposed. Joel always created a safe space for the work that needed to be done. Near or far Joel is my option and recommendation to all my clients, staff and family.

~Deidre B.

Joel has a clear passion for helping others. It comes to him naturally which leaves you feeling supported and not critiqued. He believes in doing what is right for everyone involved because that leads to other positive actions. There is no judgement as he leads a conversation with confidence. He asks leading questions that have no preset answer. This allows you to work through your journey in your own natural way. He is able to keep you moving forward and not start spinning but not rushed. I feel like our time spent together is positive and I leave feeling accomplished even if there is more work to be done.

~Megan B.

Joel supported my wife and I through our separation. It was a painful time where I was learning of painful events, Joel’s professional handling of the situation was top notch, I just can’t express what a true pro he was in navigating us through those conversations.

~Craig D.

Joel is easily the most gifted communicator I’ve met. He has a talent for creating clarity through questions in a way that is genuine and full of empathy, he creates an environment that is safe for folks. It’s an environment where you feel comfortable sharing your pain, conflict, and challenges.

~Michael H.


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