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I have sat where you are sitting: as a parent to a young child, going through the separation and then the dissolution/divorce process is something I lived through and continue to live into each day. I had numerous fears and concerns coming into this transition, from concerns for my relationship with my daughter, to separation of finances, to adjustments in living situations, and the list went on….

A few years post dissolution, I will share that not only can you successfully live through this transition, but with awareness and intentional planning at each step along the way, you can reach solutions and agreements that work for both parties and most importantly are in the best interest of your children.

I am proud to share that though my co-parent and I were not great partners in marriage, we are fantastic partners in co-parenting, continually collaborating on our daughter’s best interest and well-being. We have both went on to build beautiful individual lives, yet honor our co-parenting responsibilities and relationship daily.

~Joel Davis, Aligned Mediation

Joel Davis has thousands of hours of experience supporting individuals through life’s biggest  transitions, from 2012 – 2016 Joel owned and operated The Coaching Cabin in Broad Ripple at 54th and the Monon Trail. Joel’s mediation roots begin here as he worked with clients from a variety of backgrounds, including a multitude of families.

Joel has went on to become a State Registered Domestic Relations Mediator in both Indiana and Ohio, completing each state’s independent training and education requirements.

It is Joel’s life’s work to support individuals through these major life transitions, supporting couples and families through this process, respecting the realities of today and potential ripple effects going forward.

Outside of his mediation practice Joel is a father to an amazing 7 year old little girl and an awesome Giant Schnauzer named Crosby. He is an accomplished singer-songwriter, hobbyist woodworker, outdoorsman/hiker, and an expert from scratch pizza and bread maker.  

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Joel would be honored to support you and your family should you need to explore mediation as you and your family move forward in this process.


We are located in the Canalscape Family Services Building, on the Canal in the heart of Broad Ripple, next to the Fresh Thyme Grocery store.

815 East 63rd Place, Indianapolis, IN 46220

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